Choosing the Right AMC for Your Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is a basic human need. Impure or contaminated water is bad for health and leads to illnesses.

It is of utmost importance to maintain your water purifier and get it serviced regularly. A well-functioning water purifier should give you safe and healthy drinking water. However, we tend to take water purifiers for granted. It’s only when they start to malfunction, we realize that we need to get them serviced

Not opting for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) right after the product warranty ends, increases the risk of the water purifier malfunctioning prematurely. This may not only make you and your family susceptible to water borne diseases, but it can also reduce the life of the water purifier itself.

Picking the Right AMC for your water purifier

Before purchasing an AMC, here are the top 3 things you need to keep in mind


Like any other machine, it is essential to ensure that the parts of that machine are genuine.  Hence, do not be enticed by low prices as they may be masking counterfeit parts. It goes without saying that using counterfeit parts will affect the quality of your drinking water. You also need to be sure that the service personnel are well-trained to maintain your water purifier and repair it in instances of a breakdown. As compared to other AMC providers, the product manufacturers have an upper hand when it comes to authentic spare parts and well-trained staff.


Ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for – service, spares or both. Be careful not to fall for marketing gimmicks and check for any hidden costs. For example, you may see an offer for 3 years warranty, but only when you read the Terms & Conditions will you realize that the offer only covers the service cost, but does not cover the cost of any spares/ consumables.

Low prices aren’t necessarily indicators of good value.


The brand or dealer offering the services must have a high reliability quotient in your neighbourhood. Check reviews and ratings of previous and current customers to get a fair idea of the type of service to expect.

The Benefits of Eureka Forbes’ AMC

With an all-India service network, Eureka Forbes’ AMC checks all the boxes and then tops it up with some amazing offers that are designed to suit different needs.

  1. The AMC comes with extended warranty options, including 1 and 2 year extended warranty.
  2. The 1 year extended warranty provides an additional year of comprehensive AMC.
  3. The 2 year extended warranty provides 1 + 2, i.e. 1 year warranty + 2 years of comprehensive AMC.
  4. The discount offers will be 10% for the 1-year AMC and 15% for the 2-year AMC.

Be wise while making a choice. Don’t get carried away with flashy and smart marketing gimmicks that can have many loopholes and hidden clauses. Do your research, read reviews of previous customers and comb the fine print on the contract carefully before signing up for the AMC.

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