Don’t let illness cloud over you this monsoon

Monsoon brings a lot of relief, especially after the scorching summer. As the intensity of rain picks up, nature explodes with greenery. While the season feels exciting, it also brings along a host of diseases, especially waterborne ones. These diseases are often caused by drinking contaminated water. In most cases, old, corroded pipelines carrying water make it dirty, and thus unfit for consumption. Another noteworthy factor that causes water pollution is the increased number of industries and factories. Their operations enhance waste materials and pollutants release in the water bodies.

A recent study by the United Nations has shown that over one lakh people in the country fall sick just by consuming contaminated water. Nearly one-third of India’s water is unsafe due to the presence of contaminants, fluoride, iron, salinity, and arsenic. Contaminants cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, etc. Excessive fluoride, iron, salinity, and arsenic cause fluorosis, gastrointestinal upset, depletion of body fluids, and arsenicosis. While contamination is persistent through the year, its probability is higher during the monsoon.

Therefore, to ensure the intake of clean, safe and healthy water, it is important that we take effective measures during monsoon.

One way is by investing in a good water purifier, especially one that comes equipped with RO, UV and UF technologies. Such water purifiers eliminate micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses as well as dissolved salts and heavy metals from the water, making it healthy and safe.

To maintain and prolong the purity of water, it is also advisable to get your water purifier serviced on a regular basis. This will help in providing safe and healthy water for your loved ones.
So, this monsoon, make sure you invest in a good water purifier to safeguard your family’s health. To know more, book a free home demo today.

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