Everything You Need To Know About Dust Mites

Cleaning your homes can be a painful task, but there is no running away from responsibilities of keeping them dirt and dust free. Shutting windows and doors might seem to keep the dust away, but we all know that’s not how it works. Dust can be caused due to various reasons. One of them is dead skin that is shed by the residents. This attracts more dust mites as they feed on dead skin.To the naked eye, these creatures go unnoticed and later become a serious issue.

As a lot of you are completely unaware about their whereabouts, we are here to make life simpler. Read on to find out more.



1. What are they?

Its nature’s way of taking care of issues and balancing the food pyramid. What might be a waste for you might be someone else’s bread? In this case, dust mites thrive on dead skin and make your mattresses, sofas and pillows their homes. Many times, people do not let mites bother them as the size of these creatures can be easily neglected. They are not even visible to the naked eye!

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2. How do they survive?

10 grams of food shed by a human is an overloaded supply of food for dust mites. Pets, on the other hand, shed a lot more skin which leads to more food for the mites.



3. Solution to the mites?

Cleaning your home, mattresses and carpets are the best way to keep dust mites at bay. As the standard broom fails to cast a magic, a vacuum cleaner can be a good choice.

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Opting for Euroclean and Dr. Aeroguard Air Purifiers by Eureka Forbes can strike the right chord when it comes to dirt and dust mites. With such tech, cleaning your floors, mattresses, carpets, pillows and the air inside your room can be done without a backache.

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Dust mites are inevitable, somehow or the other they find a way into our homes. But it is through thorough cleaning and efforts that you can keep those mites at bay and keep your family safe and healthy.

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