Here’s how you can improve the life of your water purifier

In this day and age, where everything around us is polluted, you need to take help from technology to lead a healthy life. Water purifiers are one of the most important domestic technologies which provide you with clean and purified water. They eliminate impurities and bacteria and give you and your family healthy water. However, water purifiers can efficiently function only when they are maintained well.

In order to maintain the good performance of your water purifiers and avoid any problems/ potential problems in the future, follow these simple tips.

 1. Regularise your water purifier services

It is highly essential for you to get your water purifier serviced regularly as it prevents permanent damage in the future. To maintain its efficient functionality, one can opt for servicing packages which allow service technicians to periodically keep a check on your water purifier. They can check for any concerns and fix them so that your family can drink safe and healthy water.

2. Get your reject water valves cleaned thoroughly

If you have an RO water purifier at home, it is essential to get the reject water valves regularly cleaned. These valves separate the excess TDS from your drinking water and eliminate it from the water purifier. Hence, for the provision of clean and healthy water, allow only trained technicians to clean it thoroughly.

3. Use only genuine replacement parts

Pseudo parts or duplicates can impact the efficiency of the purification process of your water purifiers. As these parts are not authentic, they could cause damage to the machine in the long run, and in the event of a breakdown, would not be covered by the company. So to make sure your water purifier is functioning efficiently, insist on only authentic and high-quality cartridges.

4. Maintain the purifier’s storage tank well

RO purifiers are very low maintenance, but for their optimum performance, it is necessary to clean the storage water tank and drain any water stored beyond 48 hours. Failing to do so may result in stale water that is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. A clean storage tank will ensure that all such chances of contamination are eliminated.

5. Make sure the filters of your water purifiers are maintained well

If the source of your water constantly keeps changing or if the water turbidity is too high, it damages the mechanism of your water purifier. Hence, one needs to ensure that your water purifiers’ filters are maintained regularly.

It is important to know that just by owning a water purifier doesn’t necessarily mean that your water is clean. You need to maintain it well by servicing it regularly on the basis of your servicing package and the type of water purifier. If you notice any change in the flow of water or taste of water from your purifier, get your water purifier serviced as soon as possible.

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