Holi – let’s make it a festival beyond colours

The colourful festival of Holi is finally here. Let us go beyond the use of smearing colours and become more conscious and considerate about our environment. Make this Holi a joyous festival by celebrating it with your family and friends, in an environmentally safe and responsible way.

Keep reading to find out how you can celebrate the festival of colours differently this year.

Play Tilak Holi:
Leave behind the harmful colours, water balloons and the water guns, and celebrate Holi the traditional way with Tilak Holi. Its spiritual significance and the use of minimal colours are what makes it the perfect way to celebrate the festival of colours without wasting water or harming your skin by playing with harmful colours.

Play dry holi, save water:
Many cities in India are facing water scarcity problems. Let’s play a dry holi to ensure minimum wastage of water during the celebration; avoid the use of water guns, mini water balloons and splashing buckets of water on people.

Community bonfire:
To commence the festival of Holi, every street, building or compound organizes its own bonfire celebration. These bonfires burnt across the country takes a toll on the environment and have been known to drastically increase the average temperature of the surrounding area. The best way to have an environmentally friendly celebration is to have a community bonfire.

Holi with Family:
In today’s time, everyone is living a hectic lifestyle, make the most of the holiday by spending time with your family. Delight your family and friends by preparing traditional sweets such as gujjiyas, malpuas and badam kulfi.

So this Holi, do things differently. Spread the colours of joy in an eco-friendly and less harmful way. Have a happy, safe and healthy Holi!

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