Indoor Air Pollution – Causes, Effects And Solutions

Living in a luxurious home with the best air-conditioning might not be good enough to keep you anxiety levels low. Considering your overall health, invisible elements within the confines of your home should also be given equal importance. In spite of the tech-savvy world, people are still taking issues such as indoor air pollution lightly that can be equally hazardous to your health.

Read on and find out all that you need to know about Indoor Air Pollution.


1. What causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution can harm you in ways you are completely unaware of. Factors such as inadequate ventilation and air circulation can build up toxic fumes. Over a period of time, such elements can severely take a toll on the health of your loved ones.



2. Mold, dust mites, bacteria and mildew:

Ever wondered, that your eyes can be quite deceiving when it comes to spotting molds and mildew? Your nose on the other hand might probably catch the musty odour and announce a mold and mildew infection that needs to be taken care of. Cleaning your homes regularly can cure this issue and also take care of dust mites that lead to respiratory diseases.



3. Stoves and fireplaces:

Usually, maids and homemakers in India cannot think of cooking food without a gas or stove. While the food cooked on such equipment’s might be deliciously mouth-watering, they can silently choke your lungs as well. In the absence of poor ventilation, the release of gases such as carbon and nitrogen monoxide can alter the atmosphere indoors. So find a way to set them free and notice your lungs doing an outstanding job.



4. Bacteria and Virus:

Coughing and sneezing within your homes can release living organisms like bacteria and viruses. Such organism can cause common cold or influenza. At times they can even cause serious health issues such as asthma or even worse. Effective ventilation and good air flow can be a good solution to keeping such pollutants outdoors. Besides, sneezing or coughing in a handkerchief can curb the spread of such harmful organisms.



5. Tobacco Smoke:

Smoking tobacco indoors for some people might be a habit and for some a luxury. Heck, some don’t even know the reason why they prefer torturing their lungs with harmful toxins. But little do we all notice that the exhaled fumes not only affect the smoker but all those around.



6. What are the effects of Indoor Air Pollution?

To live you need to breathe and to breathe you need to have lungs. These respiratory organs are the major reason why you are alive and are reading this right now. But little do you know about the small tiny packets and the magic they can do for you. Lungs help in filtering the polluted air that consists of tobacco smoke, mold and mildew and other gases.

However, their abilities are limited and can only clean a small chunk. As a result, you are left open to respiratory diseases that can make your life a living hell. While the tobacco smoke can give you pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases, the molds roar even louder. The contaminated air filled with bacteria, dander and dust mites can lead to asthma symptoms, throat irritation and even the flu. Also, make sure to keep away from the gas stoves as they can lead to complicated infections and cause damage to your lungs.



What are the solutions to Indoor Air Pollution?

Do not panic, if you are facing indoor pollution it can be prevented and eradicated from your homes.

To begin with, make your home a smoke-free zone that is the best way to keep your loved ones safe from the ill-effects of tobacco smoke.


At some point of time, the internet might have been quite enlightening, right? Besides, it’s a free source when it comes to gaining knowledge. Make use of it and learn about the ingredients used in your cleaning supplies to make sure they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Getting your homes checked for mold, mildew every now and then, specifically if you have damp walls and wooden furniture can prove to be vital.


Use air purifier like the Dr. Aeroguard range of Eureka Forbes that purifies the air in your home, considerably reducing the risks that come with indoor air pollution.

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