Is your air conditioner healthy?

India is gearing up for the summers. As the mercury rises by the day and hot afternoons drain us, people are getting ready to beat the heat with their air conditioners, and service appointments are being scheduled for their maintenance.

Old and poorly maintained air conditioners may cool the room, but they circulate unhealthy and stale air in your home. As windows and doors are closed when the AC is on, there’s no inlet for fresh air. The air quality in the room deteriorates as the AC recirculates cool but stale air in the room. Not just that there are various indoor air pollutants like dust, chemicals from paints, air fresheners, scented candles or agarbatti fumes, cooking smoke, pet hair, etc. This combination of stale air and indoor air pollutants can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for those who are exposed to it.

Regular Air conditioners, when running for a long time, can deplete the humidity and moisture content in the room. Long exposure to such kind of room conditions result in dryness of the skin, irritation, and many more skin-related issues. Such spaces are also breeding grounds for germs, allergens, virus and bacteria that are capable of triggering respiratory concerns. Young children, infants and the elderly are most vulnerable to respiratory distress triggered by pollutants and poor air quality. In fact, this is even more worrying for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

But what does one do? The summer heat is unbearable without an air conditioner. Then how can one live in comfort yet avoid the health hazards of an air conditioner? Here’s how:

Introducing Forbes Health Conditioner—a revolutionary product that not only provides you with cool air but also healthy air. With state-of-the-art technology, it eliminates germs, bacteria, mold, viruses etc. and reduces the spread of stale air in your room. It promotes healthy living with the healthy air that it emits into the room, increases productivity and safeguards your family from major respiratory concerns.

As you are planning to get ready for summers by either upgrading your air conditioner or repairing your old one, do give it a thought if it is going to provide you with cool and healthy air?

It’s high time you spend your summers indoors differently! Take a step towards cool and healthy air in your room by investing in Forbes The Plus AC – India’s first Health Conditioner with Active ShieldTM Technology. You can find the best suited Health Conditioner for your living space at your nearest store! 

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