Places People Forget To Clean At Home


India’s festive season has begun, and relatives, friends and close ones will soon be visiting your humble abode. Needless to say you’ll need to keep your home presentable and clean to help the guests feel more welcome and comfortable. We kick off this routine by cleaning the floor, walls, carpet, cupboards, frames, artefacts, sofas, beds and all the other easy-to-reach spots.Whether you like it or not, you will definitely have to clean all these spots and more. However, no matter how much you try and how careful you are, there might still be a few places that you may have missed.

Here’s a list of common places people forget to clean.

Window Rails:
Windows are the first things we clean almost every day, but somehow we tend to ignore the rails upon which our windows sit. These rails are difficult to clean due to their small openings and are generally avoided unless absolutely necessary. Since they are generally ignored, a lot of dirt collects here and is one place you must clean at all costs.


Under the bed:
Cleaning the sheets and dusting the mattress of the bed is something we do regularly. We also ensure to clean the frame of the bed and its sides. But how often have you cleaned the space under the bed? If you ever happen to move your bed you will realise how dirty it truly is. Ensure not to miss this spot while cleaning your home.


Ceiling corners:
If cleaning walls isn’t a task in itself, the ceiling corners add to the challenge. Since it is generally difficult to reach these corners without a ladder or tall stool, they are easily ignored. Soon, cobwebs and dirt begin to collect around these corners and make the situation worse.Make sure to get these cleaned or you might end up with a clean house with dirty corners.


Ceiling fans:

Ceiling fans are another difficult place to clean. They generally rake up a lot of dust which is collected on the fan blades, which end up dispersing dust all over the house. So the next time you’re cleaning, make sure to get this spot.


Above cupboards/wardrobes/shelves:

While cleaning our homes, we make sure not to leave out the furniture that holds our dear clothes. Most of us clean all sides of the cupboards/wardrobes but tend to ignore the top of the furniture. Needless to say, this is also one important spot you must not ignore.


Between the wall and furniture:

Another easy-to-miss spot is the space between a piece of furniture and the wall. Our hands and brooms barely fit in these spaces, but dust easily manages to find its way to these spots. Needless to say, we just prefer ignoring these spots instead of moving the furniture.


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