Ace the art of home cleaning with these essential attachments of a vacuum cleaner

A clean home is a healthy home and a healthy home leads to a pleasant life. Home is a place to relax and rejuvenate with your family and loved ones. You do your best to keep it clean and free from dirt. But is it enough?

A regular cleaning routine consists of dusting your home, washing the linens, and getting rid of dirt. These processes eliminate all the visible dust from your home but what about the dust and dirt that is present in the hidden corners of your home? The answer is – Deep Cleaning.

Deep cleaning involves cleaning every area of your home thoroughly and getting rid of germs and dust mites that might spread allergies and infections.

The benefits of deep cleaning are as follows:

  1. Improves indoor air quality by eliminating allergens.
  2. Eliminates bacteria and viruses through the process of sanitization.
  3. Prevents the growth of mold, fungus and other disease-causing germs

To deep clean your home easily, all you need is a vacuum cleaner with the right set of attachments. Here is a list of ten essential attachments that can help you clean your home thoroughly!

  1. Grill Cleaner

It helps you remove dust from window grills easily which otherwise is a very difficult task. Also, with the help of a grill cleaner, you can clean the vents of your air-conditioner for the better circulation of fresh air.

  1. Extension tubes

It gets difficult to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and they often remain dirty. Extension tubes aid the process of cleaning such surfaces with ease.

  1. Aromiser

You can use the Aromiser to bring fresh fragrance into your home. It can also help you to sanitise cupboards, lofts and other nooks of your home. Simply load it with naphthalene balls and connect it to the blower end. This keeps out stale odour and destructive pests.

  1. Flexi cleaner

Flexi cleaner aids to the flexibility of your vacuum cleaner to clean inaccessible surfaces. It is best for areas like cupboards, shelf-tops, cabinet corners, etc.

  1. Precision cleaner

It helps you blow away stubborn dust and dirt from electronic equipments, furniture, curtain rods etc. with utmost ease.

  1. Computer cleaner

With its soft bristles, this attachment precisely cleans fine dust accumulated over delicate objects like computer keyboards, electronic gadgets, circuit boards etc. easily.

  1. Floor cum carpet cleaner

It is a twin purpose attachment that can thoroughly clean surfaces like tiles, wooden furniture, granite and marble floors owing to its tough nylon bristles. Also, it effectively helps to vacuum the dust and dirt from carpets.

  1. Crevice nozzle

To deep clean your home it is important to reach every nook and corner. The crevice nozzle helps you remove dust from the back of your cupboards, cabinets, and even helps in removing cobwebs. Further, it can also be used to dry-service your car.

  1. Wet squeegee

The wet squeegee can be used to mop and clean spillages and drying up your wet bathroom floor. It can be used to clean the floors, window glasses, mirrors and table tops.

  1. Spray jar

Spray jar is a smart attachment that can be used to water the plants, pest control and even for spray painting.

These attachments add-on, even more, cleaning applications to your vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your home in such a comprehensive manner is tedious without a vacuum cleaner, and the dust mites and disease-causing germs are not eliminated by conventional cleaning methods. Thus, to keep your home a safe haven free from dust, dirt and disease and make it a healthy environment for your family, deep cleaning on a regular basis is advisable.

Ensure a clean and healthy home for your loved ones. Bring home Eurocleans’ WD X2 that comes with all the essential attachments for deep cleaning your home.

Have a healthy and safe Diwali

Indian festivals are grand occasions – be it Diwali, Holi, Christmas or Eid. Every festival has its own celebrations and excitement that comes along with it.

October has almost gone by and the festive season in India has only just begun.

With Diwali just around the corner, the air will soon be filled with joy, excitement and a considerable amount of pollution. Needless to say, amidst the festivities and celebrations, you must not forget to take care of your health. Here’s how you can make sure you and your family have a safe and healthy Diwali.

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Places People Forget To Clean At Home


India’s festive season has begun, and relatives, friends and close ones will soon be visiting your humble abode. Needless to say you’ll need to keep your home presentable and clean to help the guests feel more welcome and comfortable. We kick off this routine by cleaning the floor, walls, carpet, cupboards, frames, artefacts, sofas, beds and all the other easy-to-reach spots.Whether you like it or not, you will definitely have to clean all these spots and more. However, no matter how much you try and how careful you are, there might still be a few places that you may have missed.

Here’s a list of common places people forget to clean.

Window Rails:
Windows are the first things we clean almost every day, but somehow we tend to ignore the rails upon which our windows sit. These rails are difficult to clean due to their small openings and are generally avoided unless absolutely necessary. Since they are generally ignored, a lot of dirt collects here and is one place you must clean at all costs.


Under the bed:
Cleaning the sheets and dusting the mattress of the bed is something we do regularly. We also ensure to clean the frame of the bed and its sides. But how often have you cleaned the space under the bed? If you ever happen to move your bed you will realise how dirty it truly is. Ensure not to miss this spot while cleaning your home.


Ceiling corners:
If cleaning walls isn’t a task in itself, the ceiling corners add to the challenge. Since it is generally difficult to reach these corners without a ladder or tall stool, they are easily ignored. Soon, cobwebs and dirt begin to collect around these corners and make the situation worse.Make sure to get these cleaned or you might end up with a clean house with dirty corners.


Ceiling fans:

Ceiling fans are another difficult place to clean. They generally rake up a lot of dust which is collected on the fan blades, which end up dispersing dust all over the house. So the next time you’re cleaning, make sure to get this spot.


Above cupboards/wardrobes/shelves:

While cleaning our homes, we make sure not to leave out the furniture that holds our dear clothes. Most of us clean all sides of the cupboards/wardrobes but tend to ignore the top of the furniture. Needless to say, this is also one important spot you must not ignore.


Between the wall and furniture:

Another easy-to-miss spot is the space between a piece of furniture and the wall. Our hands and brooms barely fit in these spaces, but dust easily manages to find its way to these spots. Needless to say, we just prefer ignoring these spots instead of moving the furniture.


All the above-mentioned spots are easily overlooked when it comes to annual cleaning routines. However, one reason you might want to give all these spots a good hard look is the Euroclean Challenge. Take part in the challenge, clean your home and you could win a Euroclean WD X2 vacuum cleaner. So give your home a thorough cleaning and gift yourself a powerful vacuum cleaner this festive season.

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