A healthy beginning to a healthy year

‘Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life’.

We are at the end of 2017. Another fruitful year has passed by. With a bagful of memories, we are all set to welcome 2018 with open arms and optimism.

As a common practice, people are ready with their list of ambitious resolutions.

Some promise to learn a musical instrument in a month, some plan on quitting smoking or alcohol, while others choose to take up a hobby. These resolutions sound fantastic on paper but fulfilling them with diligence and sincerity is something that Only a few achieve. In addition to this, people are drawn towards making bigger and better resolutions, ignoring the small and simple ones.

Joyce Meyer once rightly claimed, ‘I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you’. So, this New Year, how about you add a few simple healthy resolutions to your list, and let the healthier you enjoy 2018 with good health!

  1. Water is your best friend; drink it

Drink adequate amount of water—this is a fact that has been established by many experts and health specialists. Stay constantly hydrated to maintain essential bodily functions and feel fresh. Ensure that you have a water bottle with you at all times, and consciously remind yourself to drink water at regular intervals. Slice fresh pieces of cucumber, oranges or lemons to add some flavour and nutrition to your water. Bring home Dr Aquaguard Water Purifiers and ensure that you and your family are drinking only healthy water.

  1. Life is too short to stress out

As you enter the New Year, make sure that your stressful days reduce in number. No matter how eventful your day was, if it is combined with stress, it takes a huge toll on your health. Chronic stress can result in insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease, etc. To avoid this, start small sessions of meditation, spend some quality time with your friends and family & participate in relaxing activities (vacation, spa, etc.)

  1. Reboot your fitness regime

Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions! Regular workouts and gyming sessions are planned out well to achieve your magical number. However, as the excitement of the New Year fades away so does the enthusiasm of going to the gym. Hence, to combat this problem, set smaller goals for yourself. Chart out a jogging or an evening walk schedule that can be achieved with minimal efforts. Starting with this gives you a great head start to move on to physically exhausting exercises.

  1. Breathe in healthy air, breathe out worries

The alarming headlines, thick smog in the air and the sudden drop in air quality has left many people worried. Greenpeace’s report named Airpocalypse says, ‘As many as 1.2 billion deaths take place every year due to air pollution’. It’s high time we take a few steps towards analysing the quality of the air we breathe in and ensure that it’s healthy. This coming year, ensure the air you and your family breathe indoors is purified through Dr Aeroguard Air Purifiers. You can also bring home a few air purifying plants to circulate fresh air in your home.

  1. A tidy house leads to a tidy mind

Stressful schedules and endless errands lead to a cluttered home. A cluttered home can result in dust mites breeding in your bed and sofa & accumulated dirt in hard-to-reach surfaces. How about stepping into a new year with a de-cluttered and tidy home? Begin the new chapter of your year with a spotless and healthy home. Invest in the Euroclean range of vacuum cleaners that help to deep clean your home and make it a healthy living space.

A new year is a fresh start to a new life. So, a few simple steps towards a healthier life will definitely help you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy year ahead.

Holi – let’s make it a festival beyond colours

The colourful festival of Holi is finally here. Let us go beyond the use of smearing colours and become more conscious and considerate about our environment. Make this Holi a joyous festival by celebrating it with your family and friends, in an environmentally safe and responsible way.

Keep reading to find out how you can celebrate the festival of colours differently this year.

Play Tilak Holi:
Leave behind the harmful colours, water balloons and the water guns, and celebrate Holi the traditional way with Tilak Holi. Its spiritual significance and the use of minimal colours are what makes it the perfect way to celebrate the festival of colours without wasting water or harming your skin by playing with harmful colours.

Play dry holi, save water:
Many cities in India are facing water scarcity problems. Let’s play a dry holi to ensure minimum wastage of water during the celebration; avoid the use of water guns, mini water balloons and splashing buckets of water on people.

Community bonfire:
To commence the festival of Holi, every street, building or compound organizes its own bonfire celebration. These bonfires burnt across the country takes a toll on the environment and have been known to drastically increase the average temperature of the surrounding area. The best way to have an environmentally friendly celebration is to have a community bonfire.

Holi with Family:
In today’s time, everyone is living a hectic lifestyle, make the most of the holiday by spending time with your family. Delight your family and friends by preparing traditional sweets such as gujjiyas, malpuas and badam kulfi.

So this Holi, do things differently. Spread the colours of joy in an eco-friendly and less harmful way. Have a happy, safe and healthy Holi!