Ways to Stay Healthy During Winter

Prepared or not, winter is finally upon us and with it the exciting yet busy festive season. While juggling between work, shopping and events like family dinners and parties, it’s easy to put health on the backburner. Add to this the chilly weather, the increasing incidents of smog blankets, and the generally poor quality of air in cities around the country, and you’ve got yourself plenty of reasons to fall ill.

However, with the right precautionary measures, you can evade the cold, flu, and several other allergies and illnesses that threaten to dampen your holiday spirit. Here’s how you do it:

  • Stay hydrated

Most of us forget to drink water at regular intervals during the day, this worsens during the winter as we don’t feel thirsty as much. While the summer heat reminds us of how thirsty we are, the sly winter cold doesn’t.

While it’s important to drink a lot of water during this period, it’s crucial that you ensure the water you’re drinking is free of contaminants that include synthetic organic compounds, sewage particles, chemical waste, and several others. You can ensure that the water you drink is free of these harmful pollutants with Dr.Aquaguard.

  • Eat healthy and Exercise

It’s that time of the year when your bowl of veggies is replaced by Christmas cake and candy, and that daily jog is scrapped to accommodate a few extra minutes under the blanket in this cosy climate. This weather has most of us buried under blankets snacking on junk food, which leads to all those extra pounds.

And while it’s ok to indulge a little, make sure you compensate for your lapse in healthy living with the right diet and exercise. Cook with mushrooms and spices such as garlic, ginger and cilantro as they have immune-boosting health benefits. Eat fibre- and omega 3-rich items like apples, oats, fish and nuts.

As for the exercise bit, plan your exercise in advance. Write your weekly exercise routine on Sunday, and try to stick to it. If you’re too lazy to visit the gym, workout at home.

  • Keep home clean and free of dust mites

Dust mites, mould and pet dander are the primary causes of allergies. Your mattress is their refuge and your occupancy is their means of receiving the humidity they need to sustain themselves through this dry weather. Mites require just an hour and a half of moist air to survive and three hours to reproduce.

You can counter this with a weekly, hot water wash of your bedsheets and blankets accompanied by a regular sweep from a Euroclean vacuum.

  • Maintain healthy indoor air

We’re all aware of the recent smog clouds that have been descending over our towns and cities. While we can do little to effect a change in these environmental hazards, we have complete control over the air in our homes.

Most of the time, the windows and doors of your home are going to be shut against the harsh winter winds. However, outdoor germs somehow make their way in and are circulated and re-circulated around the house. This process can be put to an end by simply implementing a few indoor air purifying methods. Getting a proper air purifier, like Dr.Aeroguard, always helps. Air purifiers keep your indoor air fresh and clean. You may also consider getting houseplants, activated charcoal and salt lamps, which are highly effective natural air purifiers.

  • Schedule an early bedtime  

We all know how winter makes the days shorter and nights longer. Our body responds to this too, adjusting its rhythm accordingly. You may use the long evening to ease yourself into a relaxed disposition before going to bed. You can also try purifying the air in your bedroom with an air purifier like Dr.Aeroguard. This will ensure you sleep soundly and feel rested & fresh the next morning.

You’ve been good and stayed healthy all year, why drop the ball now? With these five easy-to-do tips, you can keep your good health all through the chilly winter months while still having a good time.

Ways to keep yourself healthy this Navratri!

Navratri marks the celebration of the nine forms of Goddess Shakti. People in India bring in the festival with much excitement and vibrancy. Along with other fun activities like garba and dandiya, fasting is an integral part of the event. While some people fast for religious reasons, the others do it to detoxify and cleanse the body to build its immunity for the next season. Hence, there are chances of people not being able to keep track of the food they eat and end up indulging in unhealthy cravings.

Here’s a quick guide to staying healthy and energetic during Navratri –

1. Stay hydrated-

Make this your mantra for the nine days to come. Drink loads of coconut water, green tea, buttermilk, lemon juice, and vegetable and fruit juices. Keep yourself healthy and energetic during the festival as you indulge yourself in activities of celebration. Bring home Dr. Aquaguard water purifier today as during all this process a water purifier can help you maintain adequate levels of body fluids and salt by providing healthy drinking water.

2. Plan your meals and eat right-

An abrupt change in diet can impact your body, so it’s vital that you plan your meals. Consume fruits and avoid oily foods. Preparing food and sweets during this festival with clean and healthy drinking water can ensure the good health of your family.

3. Take frequent meals-

It is better to take smaller and frequenter meals. Prolonged fasting can cause weakness, anaemia, fatigue, headaches, and lack of energy. The frequent meals maintain blood sugar levels and ensure that you are fuelled throughout the day. Some healthy mid-day munchies can help keep those hunger pangs at bay.

4. Clean your home-

A clean and a tidy home is essential before the Navratri celebration starts, as it is believed that Goddess Durga visits home that radiates positive energy. Try Euroclean vacuum cleaners as it aids the objective of having a deep clean home, which is not only a reason to welcome the Goddess but also to invite over friends and family.

5. Sound sleep is essential-

Wake up every day of the festival rejuvenated as Dr. Aeroguard air purifier’s clean and healthy air helps you to have a sound and serene sleep after the celebrations. Book a demo now for Dr. Aeroguard air purifier as it also allows elimination of all the smoke after pujas or the traditional havan.

Now that you are equipped with the do’s and don’ts for this Navratri, grab your dandiyas and get your garba moves on!

This World Hepatitis Day, stay safe and stay healthy!

In the years gone by, Hepatitis Virus has become a serious concern. Viral Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused due to a virus, toxic substances or other infections, and it is one of the leading causes of death globally, accounting for 1.34 million deaths per year.

According to WHO, India is one of the 11 countries which carry almost 50% of the global burden of chronic hepatitis. India has intermediate level of endemicity of hepatitis, with 2-3% of its population affected by the disease. Year by year, this number will keep rising, if left unchecked. So this World Hepatitis Day, let’s know more about this disease and take necessary precautions to prevent it.

Hepatitis is classified into five different categories, based on the viruses, namely – A, B, C, D, and E.

Hepatitis A & E

Caused by Hepatitis A (HAV) virus and Hepatitis E (HEV) viruses respectively, this spreads through the consumption of contaminated food and water.

Hepatitis B & C

Hepatitis B is caused by the HBV virus and is transmitted through infected blood or body fluids.

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D (HDV) infections occur only in those people who are infected with HBV. The combination of both these viruses is extremely dangerous and has the worst outcomes.

As Hepatitis A & E are contagious viruses, this infection spreads easily in the monsoon season.The most serious complication of HPV is liver failure which may result into death. People suffering from Hepatitis A & E require treatment in a hospital and sometimes it results in dehydration and bleeding.

The symptoms for this disease does not occur until you are affected by the virus for a few weeks. The major symptoms of Hepatitis A is as follows: (Can be in a creative)

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low-grade fever
  • Joint pain
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (Jaundice)

How to protect yourself from Hepatitis A?

  • Vaccination is the best way to prevent Hepatitis A.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before eating food and after using the restroom.
  • Drink only purified or boiled water
  • Avoid roadside eateries

Hepatitis A is spread by the consumption of contaminated water. This health risk can be avoided by drinking pure, safe and healthy water with Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers. Bring home a water purifier, and protect your loved ones from the threat of Hepatitis. Book a home demo.


Why monsoon is a good time for you to deep clean your home!

Rainy season feels welcome, especially after the sweltering heat of May. Unfortunately, due to the increased amount of moisture, insects like mosquitoes, roaches, bedbugs, ants, etc. breed in this season. These insects carry harmful bacteria and viruses, spreading diseases like cold, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. The number of dust mites also increases in the rains as humidity favours their growth. People who are sensitive to dust mite droppings suffer from allergic rhinitis, and asthma in extreme cases.
To keep away these harmful insects and germs, it is advisable to deep clean your home at least once a month during the rainy season.

What is deep cleaning?
Deep cleaning involves cleaning every area of your home thoroughly. It is recommended to deep clean your home at least thrice in a year to get rid of germs.

Steps to deep clean your home:
Tackling the problem areas

Cleaning the floors, walls, and ceilings can be problematic for some. When it comes to deep cleaning floor, it is advised to brush and scrub them thoroughly to remove stains. Follow it up by wiping the floors with a reliable disinfectant. Walls and ceilings can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner, a simple dust cloth, or a feather duster. Electrical appliances and furniture can be dusted with a dry cloth, and then wiped clean with a damp cloth. Dust patches on the mirrors or windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner, which must be wiped off with a dry cloth.

Cleaning the floors, walls, and ceilings can be problematic for some. When it comes to deep cleaning floor, it is advised to brush and scrub them thoroughly to remove stains. Follow it up by wiping the floors with a reliable disinfectant. Walls and ceilings can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner, a simple dust cloth, or a feather duster. Electrical appliances and furniture can be dusted with a dry cloth, and then wiped clean with a damp cloth. Dust patches on the mirrors or windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner, which must be wiped off with a dry cloth.

Targeting specific areas

Kitchen –
Kitchen harbours more germs and insects than any other section of your home. You must deep clean your kitchen at least once in two months. Take all the items out of the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinet, drawers, and shelves, then wipe and disinfect them. Next, thoroughly wipe the electrical appliances in your kitchen with a damp cloth. It is also advised to carefully brush and scrub the kitchen sink as well. You can use the Euroclean– WD X2, Dynomite or iClean Vacuum Cleaners to deep clean your kitchen.

Bathrooms –
The damp and enclosed environment of a bathroom makes it an ideal place for germs and other microorganisms to grow. You must thoroughly brush and scrub the floor tiles, wash basin, the bathtub, and other areas of your bathroom. Faucets and pipes must be cleaned with a brush. The cabinets, drawers, shelves in your bathroom need to be wiped clean and then disinfected. Also, don’t forget to clear and clean the drain holes of your bathroom as well. The Euroclean WDX2 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner helps deep clean your bathroom with ease.

Sofas and Carpets –
Your sofas and carpets can be cleaned with the help of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. A fabric soda can be used to thoroughly clean them as well. Euroclean iClean, Dynomite, and Healthpro are perfect for thoroughly cleaning your carpets and sofas.

Euroclean Vacuum cleaners can help keep you and your family safe by deep cleaning and removing dust mites from your home.
While such a comprehensive cleaning routine sounds tedious and time-consuming, it can protect you and your family from harmful insects, germs and illnesses. Alternately, you can use Euroclean Vacuum cleaners to deep clean your home with ease.

Pollution: The latest threat to Indians

Picture the streets of any Indian metro city. Traffic jams and endless lanes of cars are not hard to imagine. The roads within the city are chockablock with vehicles and the outskirts are typically bordered with factories and industries. While these indicate progress, they also bring along a massive cloud of pollution that has covered cities with a blanket of pollution and smog.

Continue reading

Places People Forget To Clean At Home


India’s festive season has begun, and relatives, friends and close ones will soon be visiting your humble abode. Needless to say you’ll need to keep your home presentable and clean to help the guests feel more welcome and comfortable. We kick off this routine by cleaning the floor, walls, carpet, cupboards, frames, artefacts, sofas, beds and all the other easy-to-reach spots.Whether you like it or not, you will definitely have to clean all these spots and more. However, no matter how much you try and how careful you are, there might still be a few places that you may have missed.

Here’s a list of common places people forget to clean.

Window Rails:
Windows are the first things we clean almost every day, but somehow we tend to ignore the rails upon which our windows sit. These rails are difficult to clean due to their small openings and are generally avoided unless absolutely necessary. Since they are generally ignored, a lot of dirt collects here and is one place you must clean at all costs.


Under the bed:
Cleaning the sheets and dusting the mattress of the bed is something we do regularly. We also ensure to clean the frame of the bed and its sides. But how often have you cleaned the space under the bed? If you ever happen to move your bed you will realise how dirty it truly is. Ensure not to miss this spot while cleaning your home.


Ceiling corners:
If cleaning walls isn’t a task in itself, the ceiling corners add to the challenge. Since it is generally difficult to reach these corners without a ladder or tall stool, they are easily ignored. Soon, cobwebs and dirt begin to collect around these corners and make the situation worse.Make sure to get these cleaned or you might end up with a clean house with dirty corners.


Ceiling fans:

Ceiling fans are another difficult place to clean. They generally rake up a lot of dust which is collected on the fan blades, which end up dispersing dust all over the house. So the next time you’re cleaning, make sure to get this spot.


Above cupboards/wardrobes/shelves:

While cleaning our homes, we make sure not to leave out the furniture that holds our dear clothes. Most of us clean all sides of the cupboards/wardrobes but tend to ignore the top of the furniture. Needless to say, this is also one important spot you must not ignore.


Between the wall and furniture:

Another easy-to-miss spot is the space between a piece of furniture and the wall. Our hands and brooms barely fit in these spaces, but dust easily manages to find its way to these spots. Needless to say, we just prefer ignoring these spots instead of moving the furniture.


All the above-mentioned spots are easily overlooked when it comes to annual cleaning routines. However, one reason you might want to give all these spots a good hard look is the Euroclean Challenge. Take part in the challenge, clean your home and you could win a Euroclean WD X2 vacuum cleaner. So give your home a thorough cleaning and gift yourself a powerful vacuum cleaner this festive season.

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